Damian Evans

Director / Lighting Camera Operator / Editor / Composer 

Enormously creative, with an instinctive eye for composition and impact, Damian is able to make the most of any shooting situation – however challenging.  Having worked over the years as a lighting camera director and professional composer for corporate and broadcast projects - he has an impressive array of creative and technical skills.  He regards each and every 'Aldeburgh Films' project as special. Because it is.

Simon Maier  

Director / Writer / Voice Overs  

Creativity and writing are key to any corporate project. Simon has produced and directed a huge number of corporate video and film projects as well as events of every size and description from small meetings to huge road shows to TV extravaganzas. His understanding of what engages audiences and what gets messages understood is great and his creativity and knowledge of what can be achieved in the most cost-effective way are regarded by clients as first class. His writing includes The 100, Speak Like a President, The Diary, In Any Event, The Evil Executive and  The Other Side of History.


We have enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients, taking great care to help them create a medium for their message... And, as our testimonials show, we go the extra mile to ensure that you are not just happy with the results, but delighted.

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