How Much Does A Corporate Production Cost?

It’s easy to get frustrated with a video production company when you ask: ‘how much will a video cost?’ and their answer is: ‘well, it depends’. Some projects will be simple and easy to quantify, whilst others will require more thought and planning. It depends on the need and the brief but we’re very good at understanding what’s required and we will always offer a proposal itemizing the creative, content and costs. Needless to say, we are competitive. And good.

There are three steps to any of our films:

Pre Production

For any small to medium sized corporate film or promotional video the following elements are provided by Aldeburgh Films as part of our process;

  • Concept & treatment

  • Development

  • Storyboarding / Scripting

  • Location logistics

  • Scheduling

  • Direction

  • Casting

  • Budget breakdown


We bring together the crew, equipment, talent (actors) and all necessary props out to the location or studio and capture all the necessary footage.

  • Cameras

  • Lighting

  • Production crew

  • Sound

  • Crane, track & dolly

  • Aerial Drone

  • Props and make up

  • Green screen

  • Autocue

Post Production

Organising, cutting, colouring and editing the footage, plus motion graphics, animation and voice-overs. 

  • Adobe Premiere editing

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Cinema 4D        

  • Professional voice-over artists

  • Lumetri Colour Grading      

  • Subtitling  

  • Original music composition 

  • Social media ready footage.                           

We will make you a promise: you’ll know all costs upfront and we’ll make sure every penny is well spent. And because we’re efficient and very good at what we know, we offer great value-for-money.

How much will it cost?
What type of film do you want?
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